Sacred Mayan Journey 2021

In order to safeguard our navigators’ health and wellbeing, we’ve taken the decision of postponing the 2021 edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey that takes place annually at Xcaret park.

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a unique experience that keeps one of the most ancient traditions of Quintana Roo alive. In order to make it happen, the more than 300 navigators that take part in it must train for months to face the challenges that may arise at sea. This training implies having periodic reunions. For this reason, the event has been postponed with the objective of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of coworkers, visitors and participants.

At Grupo Xcaret, we keep implementing our 360° Xafety model in all our units to keep yours and others safety at all times. Accordingly, we keep following the protocols and recommendations established for our health. Consequently, the 2021 edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey will be postponed.

We appreciate the support and comprehension of our participants and audience, whom we’ll keep in notice through our official communication channels.

Diary of an oarsman

We row;
fire in our muscles,
salt in our eyes,
wind at our bow,
and sun on our skin.

We burn and burn, until we have nothing more to burn.

We row and row until we can´t row any longer - then we row on.

Soon, you can download the official program of the Sacred Mayan Journey